Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a GREAT weekend! Lots of fun on Friday at Girl's Night Out! Everyone enjoyed the food and the prizes. Next one will be held in November or December. Watch the calendar for details. Of course I will be sure to let you know on the blog as soon as I set the date. Brent is back so the quilting will be back on schedule. We sure missed him. Saturday several of you came and worked on your projects from Friday. BF finished her bow tie bag. It is so neat. BL got all her pieces done for the quilt that she working on. WS worked on a quilt. SW came in and started a "Cheese and Crackers" quilt with Northcott's Stonehendge. It is gorgeous. KG worked on a layer cake pattern. She completed the blocks. They are looking great. Just need to be trimmed. Hope to see you this week. Zipper Basics on Thursday and Thimbleberries on Saturday. If you attended Girl's Night Out--click on The Blog at the top of this column and leave a comment. Have a great week. Becky~


  1. Thank you all for the wonderful food and fun. See you next time at Girl's Night Out

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