Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hope all is well at Four Pines Quilting. I am on my way to see my daughters and their families. So that being said, tomorrow I am going to look for a quilt shop that I can share with all of you! Thanks to BL and Brent for taking care of the classes. I heard a rumor that someone used their rotary cutter the wrong way last night. Lots of sewing on Wednesday. Hope all your projects are closer to being done. I love the new patterns with the rainbow rack of zippers. Can't wait to make some little bags. Would love to hear your comments. Just click on "The Blog" A new window will come up and you will be able to let me know how things are going. More tomorrow! Word of the day--Smile! You all have beautiful smiles that really lift me up when you share them with me.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What a beautiful day! Just like summer. :) Thimbleberries Club was lots of fun. What's new..demos and sharing. Always good to see everyone. BF won the door prize--20% off her kit. Pillow cases were dropped off or made for the a Million Pillowcase Challenge (and a stamp on a game card). Hope to see everyone at the Guild Meeting on Tuesday. We are going to sew up a storm--Quilts of Valor are on the agenda. PS and JL worked on their table runner and placemat sets--they are looking really good. WS worked on her bindings and a quilt--the quilt for her grand daughter came out beautiful. JL made a pillowcase to put the quilt she made for her granddaughter in. What a great way to give the gift of a quilt. We have several baby quilts for sale if you need a gift in a hurry. Tons of fabric came in Friday. The cutest panel came in for a baby quilt. We made up some kits for girls and boys. BL and I whipped up an awesome autumn theme quilt in a hurry. We plan to have the pattern and kit made for that one too. Hope you have a safe and peaceful Sunday. See you next week.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quiet evening at Four Pines. WS made a beautiful pillowcase for the challenge and to get a stamp in her Hop into the Shop. She is going to get it done! TW started her Jinny Beyer tote bag. BL worked on bindings and helping TW. She is the best teacher ever. If you want to make a bag--she is the one to go to. Be sure to come to Thimbleberries Club on Saturday. There is a plan for lots of stamps in your card. Great demo planned. Don't forget to come in on Saturday--a stamp in your book for purchasing $4.99 fabric for $3.99.See you Saturday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What did I do Wednesday night--cut-cut-cut! AB and CB made their Cat quilts. They needed a break from their other projects. I love panel quilts. BL is even working on one. A king size! They provide instant gratification. CB came in and finished her beach scene. It is so pretty. JL and VS cut their strips into triangles for their table runner and placemats. They are going to be beautiful. How are you doing on your Hop into the Shop? Don't forget...Thimbleberries club on Saturday. We are starting a new block of the month in July. It will be kits, pick it up at anytime...a free monthly block pattern. You just need to pick out you background fabric (3 1/2 yards) Then it is just 2 fat quarters a month. You will want to keep everything together because the parts of the fat quarters you don't use each month will be part of the finishing kit! Do you need a word of the day? How about "home". I love being at home. It is a fun and safe place to relax and be with friends and family. See you at Four Pines Quilting... my second home. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another week is almost over. CB came in tonight and started her beach scene with the batik confetti. It is looking great. TW came in just to show us her beautiful quilt and check out some classes. Next week she is going to work on a Jinny Beyer Bag. We still have a few kits left. LK worked on her paper piecing sampler. She made an awesome tree, then she trimed and sewed on the line, turned it over and wondered why the stitching showed. Oops--forgot to put the fabric on. :) She also brought in a treat to celebrate BL's birthday! Love that Chocolate cake.. Let that be the word of the day! Yummy chocolate! Hope to see all of you out there on Saturday. Don't forget-20% off your school colors in celebration of Alumni weekend. So hop into the shop and get your cards stamped. Before you know it you will have earned your prizes of a 6-session sewing card, 15% off purchases for the summer or 15% off machine quilting for the summer (you can also earn all three prizes). See you soon!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Come in and check out the store. We have some new displays to show off our new notions and fabrics. A special table has been set up for classes.
Busy class night. The table runner with six placemats is a hit. I can't wait to see how the different color combinations look. JL got started on hers first--PS came in and got hers cut out to. Both of them sewing those strips like pros. BL made sure they were putting them together correctly. VS made a pillow sham for a birthday gift. Then she decided to join the fun with JL and PS.
SB started putting her blocks together. It always feels so good to start putting the top together after sewing all the blocks. AB finished her tote bag. It is gorgeous. She is thinking about joining the table runner crew next week. Hope she does. It would be fun to see another combination. I would like to make it in thimbleberries colors. KG made a quick table runner from a kit (frame-up). She wasn't ging to stay but we talked her into it. It is like a party! Hope you can join us tomorrow for Batik confection.
WS is headed on vacation. She stopped in to get the borders on a baby quilt and sew the back for her granddaughter's quilt. Both of them are on the quilting que now. They should be finished when she gets back.
We need a word of the day..remarkable. That is what each of you are-remarkable. You each have your own unique gifts that are so incredible. It is a pleasure to call you friends. Life is so much sweeter knowing remarkable people like you!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love Saturday! Busy day..lots of Shop Hop cards passed out. You get a free fat quarter when you decide to play. The prizes are good for the whole summer so don't miss out. Did you notice the little rabbit wall hanging? It is a little kit you can earn as you complete your shop hop card. JL finished her quilt for her granddaughter. WS almost has hers done. BL worked on baby quilts. If you need one in a hurry we have a few for sale in the store. I made some kits with the new patterns from Swirly Girls. Be sure to take advantage of the Go Cutter at 20% off a $70.00 savings. A new block of the month will be starting in July. Nothing to sign up for. You will just need to pick up your pattern each month. More details later. Have a restful and peaceful Sunday.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

They are back! WS and LK came in tonight to sew! WS is working on a quilt for her granddaughter. It is really cute. I love the pattern Walk About. It does a nice job showcasing a fun or large print. Cute frogs! LK worked on her paper piecing project. The little sampler is so fun to make with little bits and pieces -- but LK is using those scrap therapy blocks. Hope you are planning to come in for scrap therapy Saturday. Just bring the scraps--pick out a pattern and we will help you cut the pieces. There is a cute little scrappy Scottie Dog we can work on. BL and WS are very interested in the secret word that they need from the blog so they can get their game card stamped. So today the secret word is friends. It is always good to see a friend.
See you Saturday!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow! Is it Wednesday already? Hope you are taking advantage of our summer Shop Hop. Hop in this week and pick up your game card. Lots of prizes. You can even earn a little wall hanging that is just so cute. :) Don't forget about the July coupon for 20% off machine quilting. You have plenty of time to finish a project by July. Guess what came in today--66 one yard pieces of different batiks. It is the new collection for spring 2010. We are calling them batik bars--come in and get your favorite colors for $10.00 each. Be sure to check out the web deal. If you want to pick it up at the store just mention that you read it on the web site. Have a great day..did I tell you that I can cut 36- 3-1/2" squares in less than a minute? Come to scrap therapy this weekend and find out how. Pick a project and I will help you cut it!