Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

What a wonderful day! I know it is spring when my students beg to have class outside.

Be sure to come in on Saturday we are having a great sale for National Quilt Day! We have rearranged things at the store. Come in and tell us what you think. Looking forward to Thimbleberries Club too.

I finished a Thimbleberries Block this week. The block is purple with the background--need to read my lists more often. They help me stay focused (a difficult task this time of year).

I have so many quilts I want to make. In fact today I found a pattern in a magazine for a baby quilt. It was so cute. I tore it out and put in in a page protector. My next list should be all the quilts I have planned. KG has an inventory. I love the new fabric that comes in and I have all these ideas and then reality hits me....when? and what? There is a new line in from Red Rooster...perfect for kids quilt or a spring table runner. The half yard cuts of flowers are beautiful. I would really like to make something with them. A great buy too.

See you all soon. Shout out to Dana & Amber... you make 3rd block fun.

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