Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Special

Yes, I know it is a couple of weeks late but seeing how every one is skipping turkey day and heading straight in to Christmas I figured a little deviation from the proscribed retail marketing regimen would be a welcome diversion.  So let me begin.

My wife is a big fan of the horror/thriller genre of films.  I don't mind a good, well thought out thriller, or a scary movie that thinks outside of the box of creepy music and lots of blood.  So here is my list of  "scary" movies that I have recently watched and my analysis.

I was told to leave the room if I didn't stop laughing at it.  When the gas mask with the  vacuum cleaner hose came out I almost lost it.  Then the whispering started.  I left the room.

"The Thing"(2011 version)
It was date night so I got to see this on on the big screen.  I did not mind the movie, but I had a huge problem with it on a logical level.  X-files (the show not the movies) raised the bar for these type of stories.  If you are going to try and appeal to the logical/science side of your audience, you have to go all the way or not at all.  This movie made the classic misstep of trying to scientifically explain the "thing" with out actually thinking the whole thing through so when a geek like me watches it, it pisses me off.  I am willing to suspend belief and enjoy a movie for what it is, but if you want to open the door to logic and science in your movie at least build a plausible enough foundation for it stand on.  Zombie movies are a prime example.  I don't mind a decent zombie movie for what it is, but no one that I know can explain the basic flaw in the zombie apocalypse story line.  Why do they only target healthy people?  I mean if I was a hungry zombie, my slow moving and less intelligent zombie friends seem like they would be an easier dinner than the well armed and more agile uninfected people. Just saying.

"Paranormal Activity"
Another date night.  Two words for this one:  Holy Crap.  I have to say that this was a truly intense and "scary" experience.  The theater was crowded and you could hear a pin drop by the third or fourth night when the lights went out.  It got to the point that I didn't want them to turn the lights out.  It was every thing a scary movie should be.  When Selena brought the sequel home from redbox I thought it was going to be lame, as most horror sequels are in there attempt to cash in on easy money.  When the pool vacum moved across the patio it was freaky, so I am actually interested to see how they do with "Paranormal 3"

"Troll Hunter"
My wife will argue that this is not a thriller/horror movie, but I have to list it because I loved it.  As one of those "found footage" type movie made popular by the "Blair Witch Project" it can be on my scary movie list if I want it to..  Troll Hunter is one of those netflix miracles.  It is the kind of movie I would never have taken a chance on in the video store, but because I get unlimited streaming movies to my Wii I find some pretty dumb movies to watch. "Troll Hunter"  was awesome.  It is Danish or Finnish or something like that, so it was subtitled.  The basic premise of the movie is some film students doing a documentary on bear poaching who are tailing this mysterious hunter that they believe to be poacher numero uno, but he turns out to be a government contractor who takes care of the troll infestation problem.  I  loved it, my wife fell asleep.

I love movies, books, and stories in general so I could go on all day, but I believe my work here is done.  I had originally intended to rant on about the illogical inconsistencies in the whole zombie thing, and I would love to talk to somebody about how bad the "Thing" biology makes no sense but I kept it down to  couple of sentences, Selena would be proud.  However my rave review of "Troll Hunter" will have her shaking her head, and questioning what kind of craziness she married.

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  1. Not into Halloweenish/scary movies...but I could see this being a conversation.....and take an interesting turn, as always.