Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hope all is well at Four Pines Quilting. I am on my way to see my daughters and their families. So that being said, tomorrow I am going to look for a quilt shop that I can share with all of you! Thanks to BL and Brent for taking care of the classes. I heard a rumor that someone used their rotary cutter the wrong way last night. Lots of sewing on Wednesday. Hope all your projects are closer to being done. I love the new patterns with the rainbow rack of zippers. Can't wait to make some little bags. Would love to hear your comments. Just click on "The Blog" A new window will come up and you will be able to let me know how things are going. More tomorrow! Word of the day--Smile! You all have beautiful smiles that really lift me up when you share them with me.

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