Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Come in and check out the store. We have some new displays to show off our new notions and fabrics. A special table has been set up for classes.
Busy class night. The table runner with six placemats is a hit. I can't wait to see how the different color combinations look. JL got started on hers first--PS came in and got hers cut out to. Both of them sewing those strips like pros. BL made sure they were putting them together correctly. VS made a pillow sham for a birthday gift. Then she decided to join the fun with JL and PS.
SB started putting her blocks together. It always feels so good to start putting the top together after sewing all the blocks. AB finished her tote bag. It is gorgeous. She is thinking about joining the table runner crew next week. Hope she does. It would be fun to see another combination. I would like to make it in thimbleberries colors. KG made a quick table runner from a kit (frame-up). She wasn't ging to stay but we talked her into it. It is like a party! Hope you can join us tomorrow for Batik confection.
WS is headed on vacation. She stopped in to get the borders on a baby quilt and sew the back for her granddaughter's quilt. Both of them are on the quilting que now. They should be finished when she gets back.
We need a word of the day..remarkable. That is what each of you are-remarkable. You each have your own unique gifts that are so incredible. It is a pleasure to call you friends. Life is so much sweeter knowing remarkable people like you!

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