Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another week is almost over. CB came in tonight and started her beach scene with the batik confetti. It is looking great. TW came in just to show us her beautiful quilt and check out some classes. Next week she is going to work on a Jinny Beyer Bag. We still have a few kits left. LK worked on her paper piecing sampler. She made an awesome tree, then she trimed and sewed on the line, turned it over and wondered why the stitching showed. Oops--forgot to put the fabric on. :) She also brought in a treat to celebrate BL's birthday! Love that Chocolate cake.. Let that be the word of the day! Yummy chocolate! Hope to see all of you out there on Saturday. Don't forget-20% off your school colors in celebration of Alumni weekend. So hop into the shop and get your cards stamped. Before you know it you will have earned your prizes of a 6-session sewing card, 15% off purchases for the summer or 15% off machine quilting for the summer (you can also earn all three prizes). See you soon!

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