Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bags & More Bags

Hope you have your cat quilt...the fabric is going-going-gone! AB, CB & VS were very excited that they got the rest of the fabric for the backs of their quilts!

AB came in tonight with her Autumn Patches snap sack all done except for the binding. She sewed it on and then she learned that it is easy to twist the binding. It has happened to me too. :) Then she worked on her Jenny Beyer Tote Bag. WoW! It is awesome looking.

VS is working on a bag she started at home! It is very springtime looking with flowers on a green background and a beautiful pink accent fabric.

CB is still working on her blocks. She is "getting there". She is almost ready to put all the pieces together to make the big blocks. Next week she will be on her way!

BL made a beautiful Patriot Quilt for Citizen Sam. Get more information at
The quilt is for injured soldiers being transported. (she also sewed some more scrap therapy blocks)

See you tomorrow night...There is fabric calling your name!

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