Thursday, May 13, 2010

Red, White and Blue

What a beautiful day! Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine. A perfect day for doing some work in the garden or taking a walk. I was so happy to finish the last mystery quilt we did. I love the red, white and blue. It is so nice. Of course I am the last one to finish...but one stitich at time you can finish any project. There is something about a red, white and blue quilt. I am going to use all my red, white and blue scraps to make a really scrappy quilt. Very similiar to the one I made with my 30's fabrics. Take a peek at on the bed the next time you are in the store. Let me know if you are interested in joining me. It is very fun and easy. BL is still working on her red, white and blue star gazing quilt. It is going to look so awesome. She also made a pillow case to match her Patriot Quilt. She has inspired me to make one to match my courtyard steps quilt! KG put the binding on her kitty quilt. It is so cute. The company was great--the sewing was fun! Be sure to come to Thimbleberries Club on Saturday!

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