Friday, May 28, 2010

I was checking out my home page (which happens to be this page). I looked over to the right and saw a column which says "What's New". Wow--April 27. Well I just want you all to know there is lots of new -- fabric, books, patterns, kits ands notions. Some beautiful civil war prints came in from Windham--the best part only $4.99 a yard. Some 30's prints came in too. Very spring time looking. Big plans for tomorrow--I really want to finish my word quilt. Stop in and see us. Get ready to earn a summer sewing pass! The game begins June 1st. The sewing pass can be used in August and September. Watch the blog for details. PS brought her twins in. They are so cute I can't believe they are a year old! The past year has just flown by.

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